• Do you offer a delivery service?

    Absolutely! We want to provide our top quality services to everyone, so if you can't come to us, or don't have time, let us come to your home or office! Just call us to get your pick up and delivery service started.
  • Do you guarantee spots to come out completely?

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anything other than we will give each stain our very best effort, and treat each garment as if it were our own...but with 70 years in the Dry Cleaning business, our experts can give you a pretty good indication on the likelihood of success for your items. We know how important it is to keep your clothes looking their best, in order to help you look your best. It is always helpful to know what caused a stain, and for how long it has been in the fabric. A stain that sits for a long time, has a lower success rate of coming clean. If you ever have any problems, please let us know so that we can make it right. One thing we can guarantee is the best customer service!
  • What is Sizing?

    Sizing is like a starch for dry cleaning. There are certain items that cannot be laundered for various reasons. If you have an item that we cannot launder, but prefer to have your clothes nice and crisp, then "sizing" is your new friend and best option!
  • Does Curry Dry Cleaners recycle?

    Yes! We are happy to take those old wire hangers off your hands and reuse or recycle them. We will also happily recycle all of those plastic poly bags that keep your clothes protected.
  • If I'm getting my wedding gown preserved, do I need to bring the veil?

    That's up to you! Your dress (and veil, if you choose to include it) will be cleaned and then preserved in a box to prevent yellowing. It comes with a 100 year guarantee, as long as the box remains unopened.